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The Big Bang Theory: Prime-time Dub-con


I already reblogged TriplePirouette’s excellent post about ‘The Fish Guts Displacement’, but I wanted to talk about why I classify what happened in the episode as dubious consent.

Cut in case you don’t want to read or be spoiled. N.B. In case anyone was wondering, this has nothing to do with who I do or do not ship. I’ve read and written and enjoyed Sheldon/Amy stuff. I just. Issues, okay?

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THIS!!! SO MUCH THIS. I am not a prude by any means but this episode made me very uncomfortable not to mention I know kids….like 9 or 10 years olds who watch this show. 

The show is a hot mess and the writers need to sit down and actually think about what they are writing. (Not that I think that is going to happen since over on the BBT FB page it was nothing but praise and how funny the eppy was. )

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Hello. I’m Dr. Sheldon Cooper and this is Fun With Flags. 

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